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Son  is the acoustic music from the Cuban countryside that is considered to be one of the primary roots of modern salsa. It is typically played on the tres (cuban style guitar), guitar, bass, bongo, clave, maracas, trumpet, and vocals.

Grupo Son is a Seattle based group consisting of:

Fred Hoadley – tres guitar, coro

Originally from New England, Fred studied music at Hampshire College and Berklee College of Music, where his teachers included Jaki Byard, Vishnu Wood, and Charlie Banacos. He founded the Seattle salsa band Bochinche in 1983, and produced the band’s first album, Ahora Bochinche. After leaving Bochinche in 1990, Fred toured nationally with the West African band, Kukrudu, and founded the Seattle based Afro-Cuban jazz band, Sonando, whose 1994 and 1998 releases received critical acclaim around the country. His love of latin music brought him to Cuba in 1983, 1990, 1993, and 1996, where he studied piano and arranging with Cesar Pedroso and Nelson Diaz, and Cuban tres guitar with Antonio Perez and Jorge Boulet. He currently plays piano and tres in Yerba Buena, The Savoy Swing Band, and Sonando.

Freddy Vilches – lead vocals, guitar, percussion

Freddy’s voice provided the power behind the Eugene based bands, Caliente and Sandunga. Originally from Santiago, Chile, Freddy began singing in the Chilean Opera Children’s Choir. His studies include the Conservatorio Nacional de Musica in Guayaquil, Ecuador, classical guitar studies with Christian Montes in Santiago, Chile and the University of Oregon in Eugene. His professional career began in Santiago with the folkloric ensemble, Resumen. He sings a wide variety if latin music from Andean folk music to salsa, and is currently performing with Expresión Latina, Matices, and Almandina.

Miguel Garrido– bass, coro

Miguel Hails Montevideo, Uruguay, where he learned to play the bass in his father’s orchestra at age 12. After singing in rock bands and studying the double bass, he moved to Spain, where he performed in a Brazilian trio. A few years of trio work in Madrid led to a larger group called Batuke, which toured Europe and North Africa. After Batuke, Miguel worked Spain’s Costa Blanca circuit before moving to Seattle. He has been playing Latin and Brazilian Jazz in the Northwest since joining Sonando in 1990. He has performed and recorded with Sonando, Evolution, Urban Oasis, Beija Flor, and others.

Ernesto Pediangco – bongos, percussion

Ernesto is a professional percussionist with twenty years of experience in live performance and studio recording. A native of Seattle, he began his career in local jazz and dance clubs. Since then he has extensively toured the United States, Canada and the Bahamas, with The Seattle Rhythm Band, Bochinche, and Expresión Latina. Ernesto also designs Latin percussion instruments. Utilizing specially designed hardware his designs improve the sound quality of percussion instruments.

Pete Wilson – trumpet, coro, clave

Pete began his music studies at age seven on the piano, switching to trumpet when he was nine. After graduating magna cum laude with a B. A. in Music Education from college in 1976, he recorded and toured the western U. S. and Canada  with Clear Logic, a rock show band, playing trumpet, flute, keyboards, guitar and singing background and lead vocals. In the 1980's he played trumpet for the Seattle Seahawks football team for seven seasons.  He has taught music in the public schools of Snohomish for the last 17 years while continuing to play professionally in a number of local bands, including Expresion Latina, Grupo Son and Matices.

Contact: Fred Hoadley, 1617 California Ave. SW, Seattle, WA 98116
(206)937-7301, fax 937-9775

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